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Looks like: Lhasa Apso mix
Female, 12 years old (estimated), 18 pounds
Lilly is proof that age is just a number and that you can maintain the most beautiful and fluffy curls even if you are super inquisitive and adventurous. This gorgeous Lady loves to be out and about, explore, and go on long walks, taking her time to sniff and smell the latest "pee-mail." She walks nicely on leash and is friendly with humans of all ages and dogs of all sizes. At her foster home, she chases the cat and may be better off in a feline-free home. Most of all, this laid-back girl relishes snoozing on the couch and doing her own thing, interspersed with occasional pets and cuddles. When home alone, she is well-behaved and waits patiently for her company to return. Lilly is very smart, gentle, and confident, and will easily adjust to new circumstances and adventures.

Miss Lilly is fully house-trained, but she needs to eat a special diet to help with urinary care and, although she loves food, she is limited in what she is allowed to eat. With only a couple of teeth left, she eats soft food only. This sweetheart is eager to join you on explorations and car rides, and be your faithful companion all day, every day!

Lilly was surrendered to Santa Cruz County Animal Services because of her medical needs that need a little extra TLC.
Are you interested in learning more about Lilly? For more medical and behavior information, press the Adopt Lilly button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire. Our Adoption Coordinator will give you as much information as we have.
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