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We Need Foster Homes!

We typically have about 80 dogs in our care at any given time. We also typically have up to 15 dogs waiting to get into foster homes. If you are interested in fostering any of the dogs on this page, email us.

POMDR will provide supplies such as crate, bed, collar, harness, leash, id tag, bowls, toys, flea prevention. We also cover all medical expenses. We ask that our foster homes provide the food and a loving, safe home until your foster dog is adopted.

Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. You may also want to foster as a way of finding the perfect match for your home if you are looking to add a dog to your family. Click here for more information about volunteering and fostering and to fill out an online volunteer questionnaire.

The following dogs need foster homes:

Miniature Pinscher
Female, 4 years old, 13 pounds
Zelda is an absolute doll. She is not in the least bit timid. She is an active girl, friendly with people and dogs, and uninterested in cats. She'll jump in your lap and kiss your face all over. She is spry and explorative, eager to investigate the world. Her ability to jump high means her future home will need a high fence to contain her.

This sweetie joined us from Salinas Animal Services.

Zelda is currently at the clinic awaiting a foster! Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Tyga - 2/21-3/9 only
Looks like: Corgi and Border Collie Mix
Male, 9 years old, 25 pounds
Tyga is such an interesting little guy to have around. He settles really nicely and is fine being left home alone. He will just curl up and sleep. Don't be mislead though, this guy has personality when he's outside. His little legs really move when he wants to play. He loves chasing squirrels, too. He previously chased the guardian's cats, so it would be best if he went to a home without that temptation for him. However, he is currently around an old cat and does well with that feline so is situational. He may also do best as an only dog and doesn't do great meeting dogs on walks. Speaking of, he walks really well on leash. He is very friendly with children and adults.

When left alone, he just relaxes and sleeps and the foster has not heard him bark. While in the car, he settles into his spot and is a real good boy. He is content in a kennel but prefers to be sleeping next to his person.

Tyga came to us because his guardian could no longer take care of him.

Tyga needs a temporary foster while his foster mom goes out of town from February 21st-March 9th. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Plott Hound
Male, 10 years old, 55 pounds
The very first thing on Sailor's mind is to sniff everything! He needs to get the full scoop on just about every inch of his surroundings. Especially if there were dogs there at any point. He has a hound's instinct for sure. Once he gets around to meeting other dogs, he is friendly and interested. He's a big, handsome, brindled sweetheart!

Sailor came to us from Hollister Animal Shelter where he was picked up as a stray.

Sailor is currently in a foster home but sadly discovered that her roommate is very allergic to dogs. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Looks like: Boston Terrier
Male, 9 years old, 27 pounds
Wynn is a handsome little fellow with a charming personality to boot (though he has a serious face in his photos!). He is active and happy, and dearly loves his people. He rides quietly in the car and is a staff favorite at the boarding facility where he has stayed over the past couple of years when his guardian was out of town. He would do best as the "only dog" in his home as he wants to be the center of attention! He listens for treats, though will seek out food with enthusiasm.

Wynn has seizures that seem to be mostly controlled with medication three times daily. He is a champ at taking his pills and enjoys pill pockets! We are hopeful we can find someone who is able to understand sweet Wynn's medical needs and give him the happy life he deserves. He promises to love you for it!

Sadly, his guardian could no longer care for Wynn, and that is why he needs to find a new home.

Wynn is currently at a temporary foster home but we are looking for a new foster home for him. Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

Looks like: Dachshund/Staffordshire Terrier mix
Female, 11 years old, 19 pounds
Zoe is a very low maintenance pup, looking for a home where she can just hang out and get love and attention. She is in a wonderful foster home where she gets along well with the other dogs living there. She LOVES to go for walks, but needs someone who will walk slowly with her...allowing her to sniff and take her time. Her energy level is low, but her excitement level is high! Short little walks through the day make her very happy!

Zoe was adopted from POMDR several years ago by a wonderful couple who adored her. She was attacked by a dog walking in the neighborhood and needed emergency care. Her family took great care of her and she recovered very well. She does have some residual hearing and visual impairment, but she gets around just fine and loves to go on short little walks and cuddle up for naps.

Zoe came back to POMDR because the adoptive family could no longer care for her. As much as they loved her, they knew that she needed a new home. Since POMDR has a lifetime commitment to our dogs, we took her back into foster care.

When she came back to POMDR she was very overweight. She has lost 10 pounds!! Her new family will need to make sure she maintains a healthy weight. Zoe would do well in a mellow home where she can get lots of love, and maybe has a yard to explore. She could be an only dog in the home, but she also gets along very well with other dogs. Zoe deserves her new forever home after the challenges she has faced.

Zoe originally came to POMDR after her guardian passed away. We hope to help her find her forever home!

Are you able to foster this special dog who has been through so much?

Zoe is currently at the vet clinic awaiting a foster home! Or, if you're interested in adopting, fill out an adoption questionnaire.

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