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Looks like: Siberian Husky Mix
Male, 4 years old, 45 pounds
Wobbles, or Cooper, is ready to wobble his way right into your heart! This sweetheart doesn't let his limitations stop him from smiling or living his best life. Wobbles has had a lot of obstacles to overcome. Wobbles was found by a good Samaritan who thought he was recently injured and took him in for medical attention. After being examined, it was clear these were old injuries that had never received medical attention. He had back trauma that left him with hind limb ataxia, or loss of coordination. The injuries healed and Wobbles learned to walk again. It takes him a second to get up and going, but once he does he moves very well. In his foster home, he goes for walks to the park twice a day and does wonderfully on a leash.

Wobbles plays well with his foster siblings and loves his Kong and his stuffed squeaky toy. But his favorite activity is being around his person! He loves to give kisses and receive pets. He will let you know if he is not done with pets but nuzzling your hand and giving you an adorable look you won't be able to resist. He would rather be with his human at all times and will follow you like a shadow, but when you are getting ready to leave, he will retreat to his crate, which he sees as his safe sanctuary.

Wobbles has overcome a lot in his short life, but an obstacle that Wobbles will face for life is a condition called megaesophagus. This means that he has a significantly dilated esophagus. This is a severe condition that predisposes him to aspiration pneumonia. Wobbles is taking protectants to help settle his stomach and reduce the acid in his stomach, which can aggravate his condition. While there is no cure for this condition, it can be managed. Good boys like Wobbles with this condition require a lot of time and home care to keep them safe.

Because of this, Wobbles would do best in a home with someone who has the time and patience to take care of him and his condition and make sure he stays safe. His ideal forever person will also be someone who loves the outdoors as much as him and will be willing and able to take him for pleasant walks. Wobbles has overcome so much and has never let these setbacks get the better of him. He can't wait to wobble his way into his forever home!

Wobbles came to POMDR from Monterey County Animal Services.
If you would like to meet Wobbles, press the Adopt Wobbles button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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