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What people are saying about us!

Although knowing we are helping dogs and people is all the reward we need, it is nice to get positive feedback about our work. Here is what some members of the community have to say about Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.


“Thank you so much for the generous grant to help cover the expense of Peeka's [eye procedure]. It has been a little over three weeks since the surgery... We have seen a significant improvement in Peeka's energy, agility, and happiness!”
Jenny B., Helping Paw Client
“I want to tell you your staff is the kindest, most compassionate group I've met in a very long time.”
Lynn F., POMDR Supporter
“I started volunteering with POMDR as a dog walker and am a foster now. I am so impressed by the genuine dedication of the staff and volunteers at the organization.Their passion for providing a loving and safe environment for senior dogs was evident from the moment I started. They truly go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of these precious animals. They are dedicated to their mission, and anyone looking to volunteer with this organization cannot go wrong. If you are a senior human in need of support, don't hesitate to reach out to them.”
Jen R., POMDR Volunteer
“Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is the best rescue I have ever worked with. I have fostered with them a number of times and each time they have promptly gotten them quality veterinary care.”
Katie S., POMDR Volunteer
“This is the best rescue organization. It's run tirelessly by earnest folks devoted to the cause of helping animals and seniors. They provide generous support to people in the community and have endless reserves of compassion for animals. We've fostered and adopted from them and really appreciate their work.”
Annalisa R., POMDR Adopter & Volunteer
“Such an amazing organization of caring and dedicated staff and volunteers. They are filling a niche that no one else wants to serve senior dogs and senior people.”
Susan M., POMDR Volunteer
“POMDR is the most heartfelt rescue that I have ever come across. Run by a loving and caring team of staff and volunteers.”
Michelle H., POMDR Volunteer
“Fantastic organization supporting senior people and senior pets! They are incredibly caring and kind when helping seniors to re-home pets and diligent in their care and placement of senior pets with new families. I highly recommend POMDR for your next doggie adoption!”
J.J. S., POMDR Volunteer
“Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is an incredible organization! Through extensive community involvement, quality management, and a large volunteer group, it makes a huge difference. It helps senior people who have dogs but need help in keeping them AND senior dogs that need support for whatever reason.”
Lori H., POMDR Volunteer
“I truly cannot thank you and the organization enough for providing the care, love, and family for both Maggie and Charlie when we could not. The work that you do is so special and I feel lucky to have been able to receive such help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to hear about Maggie and Charlie for the rest of their lives. It means more than I can express.”
Samantha A., Surrendered dogs to POMDR
“Thank you so much for helping me and my family with our cat Thor. He is home and doing well after his surgery. Blessings to everyone at your work. We cannot express how grateful we are to you.”
Remy J., Helping Paw Client
“Everyone at this organization is an angel! They helped me with a vet bill for my cat, Bella, who is my life! I cannot express enough how much Bella and I thank them.”
Debbie C., Helping Paw Client
“We continue to be amazed by the care, enthusiasm and love shown by the entire POMDR Team. We recently needed veterinary care for our dog, Jessie. The very prompt, professional and extraordinary attention that was given to us and our dog was phenomenal. Thank you so much for all that you do for us and this community.”
Richard E., Helping Paw Client
“Peace of Mind Dog Rescue changed our life by introducing us to the best dog we could have ever asked for - Zoey! We started by fostering, and fell in love. We look forward to continued opportunities to foster and volunteer with POMDR! I highly recommend fostering, adopting, and/or volunteering with this organization.”
Mia G., POMDR Volunteer & Adopter
“I have never met a kinder organization and had better treatment and service from any business. Thank you again... I am so grateful for the wonderful care Highway has received and I just can't tell you how much it means to me. It has made a huge impact in my life having him while I go through some difficult changes and without all of you I'm not sure what would have happened. I get a bit emotional when I think of how fortunate I am to have Highway and all of you in my life. I know I am not the only person that feels like this about all of you. I'm just so appreciative.”
Mark S., Helping Paw Client
“Your organization is amazing!! Between adopting Mack and the help you are giving my other dog, I am just so impressed by the level of care and your conscientiousness. I am so grateful and truly amazed. Thank you so much for everything.”
Leslie K., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you for your support and reassurance; you made a painful situation tolerable and provided me with peace of mind.”
Carla R., Surrendered Dog to POMDR
“I can't recommend POMDR enough. Thank you, we are beyond excited -- elated, to bring Alonzo home.”
Liese S., POMDR Adopter
“The services your agency provides to the community are fantastic!”
Charmaine K., Social Worker
“I'm so grateful to Peace of Mind for rescuing Cece and allowing me to foster her. It has been a great experience.”
Paula F., POMDR Volunteer
“I feel incredibly grateful for the help of your veterinary staff. They are all wonderful. Everyone is so professional and the clinic runs very efficiently. What a fabulous staff!”
Kristi P., POMDR Volunteer
“POMDR is the best-run non-profit I have ever encountered. And, that statement comes after having served on numerous non-profit boards. I'm so impressed with the work you do, and the efficiency with which you do it.

Thank you so much for bringing us Makoa. He's such a sweetheart. I promise he will be in a loving home for the rest of his life.”
Paula R., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you all SO much for the help. I've been agonizing over this, so I appreciate you all so so much. Luckily I found a loving person this morning who is taking [the cats] in on Thursday. We are so relieved. Thanks again for going above and beyond, as cats are not your specialty. I can't even begin to express my gratitude.”
Jill S., Community Member
“Thank you very much for your kindness in assisting Crookshanks with his pre-dental exam scheduling. It is this extra care that makes POMDR such a heart-centered organization to be associated with in my volunteer service.”
Mary R., POMDR Volunteer
“The BEST Organization! The staff is great they're so supportive and non-judgmental. You feel safe going to them for help. They saved our dog when we didn't have the means to do it.”
Desiree A., Helping Paw Client
“Your organization enabled me to know that my beloved dog would be cared for in the event that I was disabled or passed. This was particularly dear to me. When I discovered you, I had barely finished my many months of chemotherapy, was still not fully healed from surgery, and had debilitating arthritis which made it hard just to walk. I have owed so much "peace of mind" to you. Thank you.”
Elizabeth C., Perpetual Care Registrant
“I want to thank you so very much for all the help that you have provided for my dog Angel and I. She is doing better with treatment! Your organization is so wonderful.”
Julie B., Helping Paw Client
“Your agency is the best! Efficient, thorough, kind are all words that come to mind. I'm impressed! Thank you all for my new wonderful companion!”
Anita W., POMDR Adopter
“As a lover of all 4-legged creatures and a new resident of the Monterey area, POMDR's mission really spoke to me! I'm currently mom to 2 adopted kitties (and an aspiring dog mom!) and feel so lucky to have found this opportunity to explore my new home while supporting POMDR pups and their humans.

My mom has ALS and we've experienced first-hand how limited supportive services can be when mobility challenges arise- so it's a profound joy to jump in as part of the POMDR Helping Paw Brigade! I love seeing the special bond between humans and pups and feel honored to share in that.”
Ashley A., POMDR Volunteer
“No one knows or feels more than I for what you do. After losing all my family and siblings in less than five years, your group has given me many more years along with my two great little dogs.”
Bob W., POMDR Volunteer
“I would just like to let you know how absolutely impressed I was by POMDR. First of all, I have worked in small, medium and large non-profits my entire 25-year career... The level of professionalism, caring, prompt responses, and great communication with POMDR is something I have never seen before with any size non-profit. I am so impressed by every facet, every interaction! Keep up the amazing work; so many fur babies are well taken care of because of you!”
Diane W., POMDR Supporter
“[Adopting Jasper] has added years to my life. I love him so much. My family does, too. Thank you so much for helping the animals. You people are wonderful!”
LaLonnie R., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you to all of you at POMDR who not only rescue countless dogs, but rescue the ones who have to give them up as well as the adoptive families who are so longing to love the animal with all of their being. What could be a better scenario in an almost impossible situation for the one having to give up their beloved? I can't think of one.”
Carrie R., Surrendered a Dog to POMDR
“Lainey and I want to say thank you for helping us with her walks. The volunteers have been delightful and I feel like I have made some new friends. Thank you to everyone who has helped.”
Karen M., Helping Paw Client
“Several years ago, you helped me to find homes for my Dad's precious dogs when he was in the hospital dying. I was in CA from several states away, trying to see my father and handle his affairs - and I couldn't take them home with me. You provided a miracle and true peace of mind when I desperately needed it. I rested easier knowing they were cared for, and I have never forgotten your kindness. THANK YOU for all you do.”
Angela W., Surrendered Dogs to POMDR
“POMDR is a superlatively run organization; everyone I have dealt with has been well-informed, communicative, and compassionate. I admire their unique mission of helping senior dogs in particular as well as seniors who need various forms of assistance with their dogs. I have been impressed by how comprehensive their advocacy is, from providing medical care and transport to putting on weekly adoption events, and making sure every animal in their program gets any resources or supplies to meet their particular needs.

Many of the dogs they take in are in desperate situations, and their work saves lives that might otherwise go unvalued. They make fostering easy by being supremely responsive to any of our requests, and providing temporary care if fosters go away on vacation. I like fostering for them because I know that potential adopters can feel confident in adopting from POMDR... The vast network of volunteers that work tirelessly on every front for POMDR is testimony to their excellence.”
Annalisa R., POMDR Volunteer
“The best teams combine professional knowledge and problem solving skills with compassion and emotional intelligence, and that combination is rare, but describes the POMDR team. I have spent more than 30 years studying and teaching law students about effective professional behavior, and I know it when I see it.

Working as a volunteer with the staff and board of POMDR has been a real joy for me, and an affirmation of what I have seen in the best professionals across disciplines. As a volunteer I am inspired to do all I can to support their work. And of course I really care about the dogs too. This team will make the world a better place, one dog at a time.”
Bob S., POMDR Volunteer
“I've always had a great love of senior animal rescues. I live in Australia and... I am just sending you my HEART FELT THANK YOU for all you do. I follow your Instagram. If I was in America I'd volunteer. I think what you and your organisation does is invaluable. Please pass on my gratitude to all that help you!”
Lisa M., POMDR Supporter
“The volunteers you set me up with have restored my faith in humanity! They have gone above and beyond walking my dog, Zippy.”
Beverly S., Helping Paw Client
“I cannot tell you how much my little dog means to me. I adopted him four years ago. He has given me a reason to live. I am a widow of 15 years and was so alone until I got my furry friend. Thank you!”
Mary B., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you for your Helping Paw Program! The vet appointment gave us more information and our Sesi has more life to live. We thought we would be putting her down. Thank you all.”
Linda S., Helping Paw Client
“My association with POMDR is a high point in my life. I can only imagine how grateful our dog friends must be.”
John C., POMDR Supporter
“Thank you for give us true Peace of Mind when our precious fur baby was suddenly sick, requiring four nights in the hospital. Your financial assistance allowed us to care for our pet offering him life saving measures. We were both laid off from our jobs due to COVID. Then a few months later we were both hospitalized with COVID. We have supported many rescue organizations in the past and it was humbling to be on the receiving end. Once our circumstances change, we will pay it forward.”
Al and Alli A., Helping Paw Clients
“Thank you for the absolutely amazing work you do. Being able to place Cleo with an organization like yours is allowing our family to find peace in the passing of my grandmother. My grandma was a lover of all animals and would be so happy knowing Cleo was under your care.”
Megan B., Surrendered dogs to POMDR
“Thank you all so much for the funding assistance... Korin's surgery was very successful and clearly life-saving! She's back to her playful and supreme cuteness and anxious to return to service dog duty!”
Lori A., Helping Paw Client
“I am use to getting just the right dog at just the right time, but what I am not use to is the amazing support you and POMDR have provided. Usually it is me doing the fostering and then deciding to adopt, so being in the opposite position is fairly new territory. But having all the background info, especially what you have provided as well as your blessing has given me such an underscoring on how this is the right home for Dinah, and for me and my herd. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Tami H., POMDR Adopter
“Everyone at POMDR does such a wonderful job for all the dogs you serve. Your reputation remains top-notch in the area. I'm proud to contribute to your efforts.”
Joy P., POMDR Supporter
“A BIG 'thank you' for providing the means of helping people who can no longer provide the care that is necessary for their aging, four-pawed loved ones.”
Cheryl C., POMDR Supporter
“We have been impressed by everyone at POMDR that we have dealt with. Each person has been totally pleasant and friendly to work with, suggesting ideas and alternatives that make this re-homing as smooth as silk. You all are a great group of people with one common cause---doing what's best for the animal. After this Covid-19 quarantine is over you should all give each other a big pat on the back for being such a great working team. Great going!!!”
Ken S., POMDR Adopter
“I just wanted to let you know that my dog Bandit was treated at the vet last Friday and because of your generosity, he is being treated for a double ear infection. He is beginning to feel better already! It wouldnt be possible without your help, so I owe you a debt of gratitude. Once again thank you and God Bless.”
Kathleen R., Helping Paw Client
“My dog was recently awarded financial assistance through your program. He went through surgery on Sept 23rd and is doing GREAT! We wouldn't have been able to do this without your help and we know you bless so many. Thank you again so much!”
Jennifer G., Helping Paw Client
“My years of support for POMDR come from a 100% alignment between my heart and my head. My heart embraces every aspect of the mission. My head knows, without a doubt, that co-founder Carie and Monica, and the carefully curated and dedicated governing board and staff have the skills and passion to pull it off. And, oh, the blessings that both POMDR pups and POMDR peeps have brought to my life! No words. Just gratitude that I can support them. Adopting. Volunteering. Donating. Whatever they need. I'm there for them as they have always been for me.”
Sheila Williams, POMDR Volunteer, Donor, Adopter
“I just have to thank you for helping out with Bitty's dental care. Your service is a blessing and I appreciate you all so much.”
Lisa B., Helping Paw Client
“I must tell you how impressed I am with your organization. From the first dog, BB, that I thought I would adopt to now Benji, your staff are so good with follow up and support. I can see why you have the resources to help older people and dogs. Benji is such a sweetheart. I feel so fortunate to have him.”
Robin V., POMDR Adopter
“We will forever be grateful to your wonderful team of vets and assistance and your whole team. We want to volunteer our time be able to somehow help repay POMDR for all you've done for Mr. Bentley.”
Sue and Mike J., POMDR Adopters
“Thank you all for your continued support. Now more than ever your help for the community is so important and appreciated. All of us here greatly appreciate all you do to help us provide the much needed medical care for our patients!”
Lezlie R., POMDR Supporter
“We loved working with you and think you are the model of how a rescue organization should work.”
Jen & Dan, POMDR Supporters
“Thank you so much for helping me and my little dog when I needed it most. Princess thanks you, too!”
Carol M., Helping Paw Client
“We're very impressed with the Peace of Mind organization. The care that is taken in the handoff of a dog to not expose any of us to the current virus; the regular check-ups on pets and their families after adoption to ensure that all is well; the fact that all pets are fostered in homes and are not in cages. Thanks for doing a job that recognizances that we are all connected!”
Dennis B., POMDR Potential Adopter
“As a donor, I feel proud that I have supported such a worthy organization. It is comforting to know that you will be there should the need arise.”
Bill S., POMDR Supporter
“Wow - I am so impressed that you sent this e-mail [about how you are helping during Covid-19] at a time as difficult as this. Many non-profits are overstretched and seeking help. Here you are reaching out to help even more! Thank you for all you do for our human and canine communities!”
Heidi F., POMDR Supporter
“Thanks so much for your reminder that our canine friends will be taken care of during these difficult COVID-19 times. I will always be thankful for your graciousness which gave me peace of mind with my two Beagles, Pikey and Joe Buck. I sing your praises around my friends down here in Pasadena.”
John C., POMDR Supporter & Surrendered Dog to POMDR
“Thank you SO SO much for being a place of love, a place where love is palpable in every act you realize!”
Joana D., POMDR Adopter & Volunteer
“As one of your volunteers, former foster, and adopter of three, I want to tell you how much you have impacted my and my family's lives with your mission. To see this email today [about the ways your are helping during Covid-19] just strengthens my commitment to you and your wonderful staff. My family and I will continue to do what we can to support you.”
Michelle S., POMDR Volunteer and Adopter
“I just want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart. I just spoke with my mom and she was so happy, thankful and impressed with your organization and her experience there. I think today she started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It was so great to hear some hope in her voice again. What you do there is truly amazing. Thank you.”
Gina R., Family of Surrendering Guardian
“Your organization is wonderful! I love you all! My cat is feeling much better. You all saved the situation and my cat is now fine. Thank you so much. You are all the best of the best.”
Zhanna M., Helping Paw Client
“We are so happy see that Popeye and Sweet Pea have found their forever home. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. I know our Mom is looking down and happy to see that they are being loved!”
Doug and Patti F., Surrendered dogs to POMDR
“I can't thank POMDR enough for your amazing efforts as an organization and for creating such a crucial safety net for the most vulnerable dogs (and humans!).”
Jocelyn D., POMDR Volunteer, Adopter, Supporter
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful visit today and for taking these three wonderful dogs and helping find them forever homes. Beyond words of how grateful I am for your organization and what you offer. I am so blessed to have found you all.”
Leesa R., Surrendered dogs to POMDR
“I truly love this organization and the amazing foster folks I have the pleasure of knowing. They have hearts of gold!”
Megann M., POMDR Foster
“I have been staying at a motel since I was displaced because of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. My cat was injured, and I am very grateful and want to thank your organization for your [financial] help with my cat Moh. I can't tell you enough how thankful & grateful I am for your help. Moh says thank you too!”
Deborah H., Helping Paw Client
“We miss his our dog terribly but I do find comfort in knowing that he will be loved and taken care of. I had the best experience with the staff... Thank God for you all and the resources you guys put together to help ensure our pets are taken care of. I know our dog will be in good hands.”
Akia M., Surrendering dog to POMDR
“Thank you from the top of my heart for having so much love and compassion to help these babies of ours when we do not have the means, and in very crucial moments of life and death.”
Anthoni B., Helping Paw Client
“We adopted Dipper today, and his name is Jack now. We're already in love with him. You have a wonderful organization there, and I hope to be able to be part of it in the future as a volunteer. Everyone we spoke to was so nice and helpful. We are very grateful. You have made our family complete! We hope you have continued success.”
Bill and Sherry H., POMDR Adopters
“My eyes swell with such pride that a vision 10 years ago has blossomed into such success, such compassion, such awareness to humans about the importance of the value of any life. Yes, my eyes swell with tears of joy.”
Merry T., POMDR Supporter
“Thank you for making this the warmest, easiest, most professional and welcoming, supportive adoption I have ever encountered (and that includes my experiences adopting both children AND animals!).”
Anastasia T., POMDR Adopter
“I wanted to send you a personal thank you from all of us. Josie aka Joey Girl is the best dog ever and we adore her. She has already added so much to our family. We feel so lucky to have found such a great dog. She's a perfect fit - I think we were meant to find each other. Thanks to you and everyone at Peace of Mind for all you do to make life better for dogs and people. You really are exceptional.”
Stacey I., POMDR Adopter
“We just can't tell you how grateful we are that there are loving people like you in the world. Thank you so much for your help with Zoey.”
Michelle A., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“Thank you POMDR for helping to save Bella's life. She is recovering very well and she is happy to be home! The donation helped Bella have an emergency c-section and she is now spayed! Thank you from our family, with love!”
Frankie G., Helping Paw Client
“I have adopted Willow, fostered by Leslie. Willow is a sweetie pie and I am so lucky to have her. I have been nothing but impressed with your agency, the warmth and professionalism has been amazing. I felt very cared for, not to mention Willow's great care from her foster.”
LeAnne R., POMDR Adopter
“I'm so very impressed with the way POMDR is run. The professionalism, kindness and thoroughness is impressive and rare. I'm so happy to play even a small part of your organization.”
Jocelyn D., POMDR Volunteer
“Just wanted to let you know... that it has been great working with POMDR. I did not realize all the services your organization provides to not only animals, however people as well. AWESOME!! Everyone I have interacted with has been so pleasant and friendly.”
Barbara G., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“Thank you so much for your financial assistance for my babies treatment! I appreciate your assistance and compassion to help so very much! I am so grateful for your help. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get my baby the treatment he needs.”
Brenda O., Helping Paw Client
“My expectations of POMDR are high due to the amount of money my family and I invest in them through our Boand Family Foundation. Through the years I have learned that POMDR is so much more than what they appear to be. POMDR teaches us by example in everything they do how to better care for ourselves and others. POMDR and their founders, their board of directors, their staff and volunteers always exceed my expectations with their services to our communities, our seniors and our most vulnerable dogs.”
Lucinda McDermott, POMDR Donor
“It was such a nice experience working with POMDR. I was very excited to bring home my sweet Rosie. She came from such a great foster mom, Cori, and family. Thank you Cori for taking such good care of her. I will definitely recommend your rescue to others.”
Ann R., POMDR Adopter
“I am just now checking my email after my surgery, and wanted you to know how well things are going for Rouela and me. Grace is a wonderful foster mom for Rue, and she sent me pics of her while I was in the hospital (it made all the difference).

I am so glad I found your organization and am spreading the word about your good works. I am on the mend, and should be reunited with my baby girl in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for making it possible for me to have my surgery and heal while not giving up my beautiful 10 month old puppy!”
Karen C., Helping Paw Client
“This place might be the best thing to happen to dogs since they first befriended humankind. The services they provide to support senior dogs and their guardians are unmatched. The support I receive as a foster, and the care they give each precious pooch are remarkable. Whether you are looking for a worthwhile cause to support or a new forever friend, please start here!”
Katie B., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“Thank you for accepting the two dogs belonging to [my client]. I delivered the dogs to you and he passed away the following Monday. Care for his beloved dogs was the most important thing to him. He died knowing they were in good hands. Thank you.”
Shirley S., Social Worker
“I love POMDR and you are doing such amazing things for the senior dogs. I talk about POMDR all the time and appreciate all that you do!”
Paula A., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you so much - you assisted our family [with financial assistance] and pet, Jacob, who had a terrible infection and you were all wonderful. I am very grateful.”
Marby A., Helping Paw Client
“I adopted your first ever rescued dog, Sassy (later called Grandma). Your organization gives me great comfort and hope and happiness. If I didn't already have five little dogs and a cat in my care, I'd adopt or foster. You are one of the first organizations I will support, with love and appreciation.”
Wendy S., POMDR Adopter
“When I heard a nearly 17 year old dog needed a [foster] home I thought I would try my best with a senior. I recently lost my father on hospice care and missed caregiving, the fit was perfect.

Mr. Wilson is mostly deaf and blind so I had to learn how to... communicate differently. Especially sweet is the relationship between my resident dog Lucy and Wilson. Before Wilson arrived Lucy was depressed, not eating much... It had been several years of my caregiving my father and she absorbed my depression and my long hours of caregiving away from her took a toll on her terrier spunk.

Now she has a wonderful companion and JOB taking care of Wilson when I'm away from home. They eat together, share food and treats, they walk together smelling the same bushes, they sleep in beds next to each other...true companions. It's truly a happy home and canine family together. The dogs love each other and they bring me so much joy.”
Ruth R., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“Thank you for being such a great organization, appreciating all volunteers, and caring so much for these amazing dogs. By far, the best organization I have ever volunteered with.”
Danielle M., POMDR Volunteer
“Thanks to you and you team for your work. We really appreciated the advice along the way and the discussions. I feel like the shelters and other animal adoption agencies could really learn from your model. We never had this level of support with our other dogs!”
Jo F., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you so so much for taking in Zoey. I really appreciate it. I knew she wasn't going to do well at the shelter because she gets really stressed. As soon as I get a job again and start working, I'll make a donation to support your organization. Thank you!”
Jackie T., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“Thank you for your compassion and assistance in finding a good foster home for my mom's dog, Treasure. The email updates are greatly appreciated. Peace of Mind is a wonderful organization! We have "peace of mind" knowing Treasure has found a good foster placement.”
Sandy W., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone there today. I can tell you all know what you are doing and you really care about the dogs in your care. I know that, no matter how long it takes to find Teena a new home, it will be a perfect one for her because of the work all of you put into it.”
Karen M., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“I have really enjoyed my volunteer experience at POMDR over the past 1 1/2 years. I am so impressed with the POMDR organization and your commitment to helping senior dogs and people. It's truly been and continues to be a gratifying experience for me.”
Sheila M, POMDR Volunteer
“Thank you for donating to the care of Cardio, our dog. Her teeth are doing well and she is out of discomfort because of your kind generosity.”
Nora and James, Helping Paw Clients
“I just want to let you all know what a positive experience fostering for POMDR is for me. I am talking with a potential adopter about my foster dog and reflecting on how much you all did to bring her into the program... You consistently do the right thing by the dogs and adopters and fosters, and that is so rare in this world. All the volunteers that I have interacted with... have all gone out of their way to support me and the dogs I have fostered. I'm honored to be a part of such a compassionate community. So very glad POM exists!”
Lisa S., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“You helped me get my little dog Bambi in and gave me assistance. I just wanted to thank everybody very much, I was very impressed. She now has her medicine for her epilepsy. Thank you again for all your help. I really appreciate it.”
Charlene T., Helping Paw Client
“You folks at POMDR have been the most amazing help to my mom and Zippy being reunited. There is no doubting that.

I'm not sure what would have happened if your organization hadn't been around, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have had a particularly happy ending... Instead, there is, at the very least, a strong opportunity for both of them to live together for some time to come. I am most grateful for that possibility.”
Damian I., Family Member of Helping Paw Client
“Simply put, you guys and your mission is awesome and you've taken POMDR from a 'start up' to a 'business' with great longevity. I am so happy to be a part of POMDR, in whatever way I can help.

I am more than happy to be part of POMDR's legacy by watching it grow and look to the future.

You have helped so many dogs and seniors in your community, you should be very proud.”
Debbie L., POMDR Volunteer, Adopter, Keystone Donor
“Saturday April 29th marks one year since I picked up Pinky. Our family is so appreciative of your organization and the excellent work that you do to find forever homes for dogs in need of a second change. I'm blown away that we were able to find the perfect dog so quickly just by reading through all of the thoughtfully composed bios on your website. And between the home visit, phone calls, and email check ins, we have felt so supported in making Pinky a part of our family. The care that you take to ensure that a dog is a good fit for a home is surely exceptional. Thank you!”
Evelyn B., POMDR Adopter
“My husband and I both want to thank you and your staff for being so loving and kind to us yesterday during a very difficult time. We both feel confident that we placed both our pups in wonderful hands. Although this was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do and it broke our hearts, we are grateful for such an amazing organization with the people who work and volunteer there for taking such good care of our fur babies.

We also want you to thank for us, and share our deep gratitude to the Foster Families who so lovingly took in both our pups until they can find forever homes. We so feel peace of mind, that they will both be loved and placed in wonderful foster and forever homes. We feel very bad that we could no longer provide to them, what these families can.”
Carrie H., Surrendered dogs to POMDR
“My mom and I wanted to be sure to let you know what a fabulous foster mom we had through POMDR. She took care of my mom's dog for five weeks following a fall that my mom had. We went and picked Kiba up and the foster had just taken beautiful care of him. My mom and I cannot say enough wonderful things to do her justice. And a big 'thank you' to Allison at POMDR who helped connect us.”
Beth W., Helping Paw Client
“I want to let you know that I have been so impressed with the support that you have given me and the work that you do for this wonderful organization. I love the way that you present and describe each dog and each situation. You are sensitive to the needs of the dogs and the volunteers. It is clear that you are deeply committed to POMDR and to positive outcomes for all!”
Taffra M., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“I am SO impressed with POMDR, and the staff's responsiveness. I work for a nonprofit, and I have interacted with many other nonprofits, and I think POMDR does a fantastic job. At everything.”
Olivia M., POMDR Volunteer
“I am thanking you so very sincerely for taking Pudgy in. I am beyond grateful and can't believe how blessed we were to have a lovely [foster] family to take Pudgy into their hearts and home. Healing hearts and mending lives... It does not get better than that and that's what POMDR does best!”
Chris D., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“Thank you for your help with Gabblina; I couldn't have done it without your help. Gabby's feeling better and wants to you to know that we'll be supporting Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in the future!”
Lisa B., Helping Paw Client
“Thank you for your compassion, understanding and making me feel safe in my choices. After hearing Spenser went home already with his new family, I was so happy! But then hearing [his adopter] thanking me for the 'gift' was just too much. It was meant to be, I know that in my heart. I'll never forget this experience and I'll never forget POMDR.”
Kathryn S., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“I just have to note how overwhelmed I've been with the incredible support POMDR has provided. [You] enabled [Gizmo] to be supported by an incredible team of caregivers. I was overwhelmed with how supportive and compassionate that whole team was with him and me. He definitely weaseled his way into my heart and I so appreciate the comprehensive care you guys provide.”
Brittany F., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“Words cannot express how very grateful I am for the financial help you provided for the ultrasonic diagnostic testing and treatment for my German Shepherd. When I am able, I will "give back" in some way. I was lost and my dog was suffering until you helped us.”
Barbara T., Helping Paw Client
“Your organization's purpose and the way you carry out is impressive. I will recommend others contribute. Thank you for doing all you, and the entire staff and volunteers, do to help seniors and senior dogs.”
JoAnna D., POMDR Supporter and Donor
“We want to thank you so much for approving payment for Jilly's teeth cleaning... It is such a relief that we can keep Jilly healthy, thanks to you!”
Janice J., Helping Paw Client
“How wonderful POMDR is! Wow! My husband and I are very impressed with your rescue, Last year we made the decision to start looking for another dog, really happy we ran across POMDR. As we are both professionals we appreciate attention to detail, timely responses and clearly set requirements...KUDOS!”
AnnaMarie H., Prospective Adopter
“You are very responsive to inquiries and communicate well about the organization goals and results. In my limited experience with non-profits, those are critical factors!”
Paul M., POMDR Supporter
“Being a foster parent or adoptive parent to senior dogs means opening your home and hearts to a homeless dog and to squeeze in a lifetime of love and happiness in an undisclosed amount of time together. That's what we signed up for. However, the sorrow you endure at their loss, regardless of the amount of time they have here with us never ceases to amaze me. I always think it's going to be easier "this time" but loss is loss and love is love. And doggy love is LOVE X infinity!”
Chris D., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“You and your team have done an absolutely heroic job of building community support for a segment of the local dog population that would likely suffer a tragic fate if not for your efforts. I'm so appreciative of what you do!”
Larry L., POMDR Volunteer
“I adopted Disney, also known as Joe, and all I can say is he is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Everything you said about older dogs is true: they are pretty much trained when you get them and he [has] been such a wonderful addition to my life... Even though I've had him a little over two months he has become my best little buddy. I want everybody out there... to give these senior dogs a home. I will be forever grateful!”
Sharon S., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you to the many conscientious, caring, kind people at POMDR who assisted with Chispa's adoption!”
Evie E., POMDR Adopter and Volunteer
“I have had a lot of experience with rescues and yours is the best. You are responsive, patient and professional. Thank you!”
Debra D., POMDR Adopter and Volunteer
“Roggie has truly been the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful dog I have ever had (and) has really made my day. Love him dearly (seems to be mutual.) So grateful for your organization that making these 'unions' possible.”
Marge W., POMDR Adopter
“Thank you so much for your unending work to find, nurture and place so many wonderful pets! Thank you, also, for your honest (and thorough) reports that provide solid ground for prospective adopters to make wise choices. Really impressive!”
Dana Linkletter, Prospective Adopter
“Thank you POMDR for providing a loving home with good vet care for precious Archie, and giving peace-of-mind to his former guardian that he is cared for with love the rest of his life! She will always miss & love him! Archie has health conditions POMDR is caring for - epilepsy, blind and heart murmur (liked him cause I too have murmur with my congenital heart disease). So impressed with POMDR's compassion for the senior dogs & shelter rescues!!”
Karen W., POMDR Donor
“I just wanted to say thank you again for giving Tucker and Trixie a chance at a new home, it means alot and is a huge relief knowing they are with good people at a good place. The name of your rescue is true to it's name. I am definitely at peace of mind with the difficult decision I had to make but after meeting you and your team and seeing the facility in person put me at ease.”
Breana M., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“Whoever thought of POMDR really has made a lot of us older people very happy to have a constant companion. Thank you.”
Robert R., Adopter
“You and your team are amazing. We are blown away by your charity. A month ago I sent an email about a stray, senior dog my family found. We took him to the shelter to be reunited with his family, but that was not to be. We contacted multiple organizations looking for someone to help him as he was going to be put down. None had space or were willing to take him because of his medical needs. Thank you for responding and taking Jerry into your program.”
Michael L., Supporter
“I had to surrender my two American Eskimos when I was hospitalized with cancer and could not care for them. I've been in the hospital for two months. I've been so worried and praying for them every day. I am so comforted to know that you found them a good home together. Thank you.”
Connie N., Recipient of POMDR Services
“I can't tell you how refreshing and comforting it is to know you are out there concerned for both dogs and elderly.”
Adele Frese, Chief of Police, Greenfield
“I don't know ANY agency that does what POMDR does so well and with such compassion. POMDR takes it to a whole new level. So glad to be able to lend support.”
Sheila W., Donor/Volunteer
“I just want to let you know how much I love being a part of the POMDR family! I am so grateful for the work this organization does in giving senior dogs their second chance in life and to have a loving family til their end. Bentley earned his wings early this morning and crossed the Rainbow bridge. I'm so sadden that our time together was so short, but grateful and so proud I was the one to be his foster mom and part of a loving family he was missing. I will never forget his smiling face and the love he expressed back.”
Julie B., POMDR Foster Mom
“A HUGE shout out and thank you to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove - our adopters found them on your website courtesy page. You have been so supportive throughout this process and always helpful, POSITIVE, and encouraging - blessings!”
Michelle D., Supporter
“You are doing something so beautiful for both animals and people that neither of us, two-legged or four-legged, can ever express how we feel.”
Susan K., Adopter/Donor
“My cousin passed away peacefully this past Saturday. One of his last conscious moments happened when he was told his dog had been provided for, and he displayed a smile on his face. We had all not looked forward to that moment, but in the end it turned out to be a very good one for him, his family, and friends. Thank you so much for your all your help, and your very fine organization. It helped make a very difficult time for us much more manageable.”
George R., Surrendered dog to POMDR
“Thanks for everyone at POMDR for all you do. The peace it gives people who have to relinquish their loved ones and for the lucky dogs that continue to live a loved life.”
Chris D., POMDR Volunteer
“I can't thank you enough for the work that you do on behalf of these animals. My friend who passed, her only concern was the care of her dog and it is comforting to know that organizations like yours exist to help people like her. Your work is greatly appreciated.”
Chris W., Supporter
“This is a most difficult chapter of my life, more like a bad dream. People like you are what have helped me get up in the morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Teresa C., Helping Paw Client
“Your organization is a godsend. There are so many here who are older, and nothing for their older or abandoned pets, needing to be fostered and loved and cared for when their guardian has become disabled or has died. You should be very proud of yourselves. This is a beautiful thing you are doing. It is a crucially needed service, not only for the animals, but for their people too.”
Gwenn H., Helping Paw Client
“I find volunteering with the Helping Paw Brigade extremely rewarding because I have the opportunity to help both senior dogs and their guardians at a challenging time when they might otherwise have to make the difficult decision to give up their dog. When my mother was seriously ill back East, it was helpful volunteers (and neighbors) who assisted her when she was unable to care for her pet. Helping Paws provides me the opportunity to "pay it forward", and help senior dogs and senior people, both which I care about deeply.”
Tracey P., POMDR Volunteer
“I've known a lot of good ol' dogs in my day, and they have brought my life so much joy. I volunteer as a dog walker to help keep older people with their beloved companions at a time when they need each other most!”
Caryn S., POMDR Volunteer
“I feel there is a great opportunity through the "Helping Paw Program" to make a difference in a person's life. Easing a person's anxiety, about not being capable of caring for their dog, makes me happy.”
Linda L., POMDR Volunteer
“I'm so happy to be a part of the POMDR Helping Paw Brigade. I love taking walks, and I love dogs but cannot have one right now. It's a joy to walk with a furry companion in need of an outing. It's a bonus to visit with the dog's guardian and to provide a little company and occasional helping hand – as well as helping paw. I've met such charming ladies and truly appreciate their strength in dealing with life's difficulties and, of course, their strong love bond with dogs.”
Carmen W., POMDR Volunteer
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